Teignmouth & District Indoor Bowling Club
 Est 1.10.1978

 The Teignmouth and District Bowling Club

Welcome to our web site which we hope you will find interesting and useful.

The club was formed in 1978 and the playing surface was coconut matting which made for interesting but somewhat inconsistant bowling.  However the committe led by some very dedicated individuals kept the pressure on the Teignbridge and Teignmouth Councils and with a grant from the Sports Association a ''Wygress'' carpet was laid in 1986.


The club proved very popular and soon required a better surface which was generously paid for by Hilda Harvey and Tom Pearce and a Pro Weave carpet was laid in 1999 and has stood the test of time.



The Teignmouth and District Indoor Bowling Club is located on the top floor of the large building to the right of the entrance to Teignmouth Docks.  The access is up the narrow road known as Willow Street hence the club is usually referred to as ''Willow Street''.  Once used as a prison during the Napoleonic war and later as a store for the removal firm Pickfords it is now our home.

The three rinks are not full size but are approximately 90 ft. by 28ft. which makes play that much more tricky but that much more enjoyable as well.

We have roll-ups during the winter months in the mornings Monday to Friday (10.30am 'til 12.30pm) not Tuesdays but we also play on Saturday afternoons 2.00pm 'til 4.00pm

There are matches that take place Monday evenings as well as Friday afternoons against visiting teams from Abbrook Park and other local clubs.

     In the summer we are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for roll-ups            (10.30 am 'til 12.30 pm.)

We always welcome new players or new to the sport of bowls.  We have woods available for trial games but it may be wise if new bowlers brought a pair of slippers to play in initially as outdoor shoes could be carrying something that may mark the carpet.

Our usual cost for roll-ups, your first trial trial game is free, is £2.00 and we include a cup of tea/coffee at half time.

It's an enjoyable and inexpensive way to spend a morning/afternoon/evening as well as a way to make new friends and learning a new skill.



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